Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Dance til your legs drop

               It's recital season again for De La Salle Zobel Ballet. This year, they have decided to do Sleeping Beauty (not the Disney version). Also, since it is a co-ed school, none of the male species come near enrolling. The solution? Borrowing male and sometimes female dancers from the leading dance company in the country, Ballet Philippines.

              As usual, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot some pictures with the younger members of the class below mine. These adorable little girls are in the sixth grade and are incredibly flexible. Seriously, we actually call them baby barbies.

             I practically begged Brianna to model for me before our first rehearsal (monday)
            Thankfully, she agreed to stand under the sun and look silly posing for me.

             When we got upstairs, I found some "salbabidas" or pool toys and I coerced two other girls from Brianna's class to model for me. Zabel Carlos and Ramona gracefully accepted defeat when I started dragging them to my location site (a.k.a balcony). Of course, I could only get them to be serious for a few minutes before they started giggling.

Ramona and her Salbabida part I

Ramona and her Salbabida part II

Ramona and her Salbabida part III

Zabel Carlos

Zabel Carlos

Zabel Carlos and Ramona 1/3

Zabel and Ramona 2/3

Zabel and Ramona 3/3

I also took some really random flowery pictures while we walked around.

I was also lucky enough to bring my camera on-stage so that I or my fellow balletmates could take backstage pictures.

Maggie Mariano being well, Maggie, and Annika being adorable.

Dottie Bayang and her brother, David Bayang. 

Aira Junio in Forever 21 shorts

Dottie Bayang modelling her yellow bow

Dottie Bayang

From L to R : Dottie Bayang, Aira Junio, and Sammie Dacanay

Marielle Livelo in Uniqlo sweatpants

Marielle Livelo and Samantha Halili

Mariell Livelo as "Captain America" and Samantha Halili as "Spiderman"

We also enjoyed the very empty (and extremely cold) theatre.

Aira, Dottie, Sammie, and I decided to explore the second level dressing rooms meant for the professional dancers that we borrowed. They were fancier versions of the ones we were using downstairs. 

p.s I really do need to get one of these mirrors.... They make everyone look awesome. 

Dottie Bayang

Aira Junio

Chloe Magpayo (taken by Aira Junio)

Dottie Bayang

Sammie Dacanay

L to R : Aira Junio, Dottie Bayang, and Sammie Dacanay a.k.a The Powerpuff Girls

the Ballet 5 class / the Garland fairies. 
extremely jelly of their pretty garlands :-(

Maggie Mariano and Chloe Magpayo

Maggie Mariano and Chloe Magpayo

Normal Theatre Warm-ups

 Fondu Arabesque 

Samantha Halili and Marielle Livelo

Arabesque on Releve

Marielle Livelo

Natalie Duque in a Forever 21 Hoodie

Attitude on Releve

Backstage Madness

Warming up before a run-thru

Samantha Halili and Lizel Mananalansan goofing off

Of course we had to help out our three teachers backstage when keeping all the kids quiet. Honestly, that made me more tired than the actual dancing.

L to R: Aira Junio, Chloe Magpayo, Maggie Mariano

L to R : Sammie Dacanay, Sam Halili, Marielle Livelo, Lizel Mananalasan

Of course during the contemporary segment, I had to loosen up. Well I just started being myself. So this is Chloe being Chloe. (It's weird talking in third person.

top from Apartment 8 , skirt from divisoria, spandex shorts from Capezio

Afterwards, Aira and I were walking around campus and decided to walk outside and go to that little park a few blocks away from school. When we got there, we expected to see a few kids but the park looked really deserted, which in chloe speak is equal to.... PERFECT SHOOT LOCATION. Unfortunately, Aira didn't want to model for me so I had to do the modelling.. Sorry for all the desperate faces. That was done on purpose since the place looked abandoned.

meet shaun
pullover from Zara and Slip-Ons from Paez (available at rustans)

As usual, all of us have that post-recital depression. T'was a great show. 

Photographs taken by moi, Aira Junio, Mommy, and Sammie Dacanay


  1. Love your blog so much <3 much love from aussie

  2. The photos I took though omg HAHA <3
    cute blog post Chloee!!

    1. Sammie!! hehe yeah luv them!!! I'll put credits later whoops sorry :-) #postrecitaldepression huhuhu Love your blog btw!

    2. Hihi thankies!! :)

  3. luv ur photos, chloe! miss u ahhhh! :'(

    1. Thank you chinnie <3 Miss you more!


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