Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Abnormal Picnics

           Last Monday was another great summer day. Kyra invited me over to her house (and village) to have a picnic for lunch and a photoshoot afterwards. Honestly, if I could, I would move my house from my village to hers. She has the cutest place ever! In the Philippines, it's common to have gates to protect the houses but in hers, they don't have gates because they're village is enclosed.

           I got to Ky's house at around 10 AM and we decided to shoot my OOTD first to get it out of the way. Although, the Michael Jackson inspired hat was hers and I rushed up her stairs to get it. One of the things in her house I'm obsessed with is her Fire truck red door. Plus the Veranda wind gave my hair a beach-y twist. Unfortunately for me, the shorts I was wearing didn't fit my waistline. (even though they were the smallest size there)

( top from Forever 21, Shorts from Forever 21, Belt from Zara, Shoes from Vans)


( top from Forever 21, Shorts from Forever 21, Belt from Zara, Shoes from Vans, Glasses from Kirin Kirin, Hat from Kirin Kirin, Assorted bracelets, Charm bracelets from Thomas Sabo and Pandora)

 top from Forever 21, Shorts from Forever 21, Glasses from Kirin Kirin, Hat from Kirin Kirin

top from Forever 21, Shorts from Forever 21, Belt from Zara,

p.s. I do apologise for the bruises on my knees. #dancerprobs

Photos taken by Kyra Villacorta (As seen below)

Kirin Kirin Hat, Bench Body Shirt, Cotton On Shorts 

After shooting my OOTD, Kyra and I decided to have some R&R time or in lay man's term, we watched 17 again. 1) Because of Zac Efron and 2) Because, oh hell who are we kidding, once we saw Zac we got distracted. 

Once the clock struck 1, we brought our pizza's and cupcakes and hitchhiked our way to her park, where we set up camp and goofed around. 

Sunglasses from Charlie's sunnies, Shirt from Bench Body, Nail Polish from Metro, Shorts from Cotton On.

garlic n cheese pizza omnomnomnom ( I finished it by myself) 

Coke and Pepperoni Pizza

________________ lost in translation _________________

  Top from Forever 21, Bandeau from Bench Body, Glasses from Kirin Kirin, Shorts from Terranova, Shoes from Vans, Assorted Bracelets and Thomas Sabo and Pandora Charm Bracelets
Photographed by Kyra Villacorta

Shades from Charlie's Sunnies, Denim Jacket from Forever 21, Black shirt from Forever 21, Black shorts from Forever 21, Booties from Makati Cinema Square Area, Kyra's Trademark Choker Necklace
Model : Kyra Villacorta ; Photographed by Chloe Magpayo

__________________stuck in her daydream___________________



she took her shoes off to feel the weight of the earth on the balls of her feet
Just kidding, Kyra hates wearing heels. 

shades from Charlie's sunnies, Polka dot crop top from Forever 21, Red skirt from Forever 21, Heels from her grade seven graduation ball, bracelet from her mom's closet. 

Model: Kyra Villacorta; Photographed by Chloe Magpayo


this was a very pointy fake rock

Crop top from Miss Selfridge, Denim Vest from Terranova, Gigantic baby pin from Hong Kong '13, Shorts from American Eagle Outfitters, Sandals from Aldo, Watch from Seiko, Assorted bracelets and Charm Bracelets from Tiffany's, Thomas Sabo, and Pandora.

Photographed by Kyra Villacorta

_____________lost not forgotten_____________

top from Bench Body, bandage skirt from Forever 21, shoes from Topshop, bracelet from her mom's closet, shades from Charlie's sunnies.

Model: Kyra Villacorta; Photographed by Chloe Magpayo


looking for Mcdonalds

top from Forever 21, Shorts from Forever 21, Belt from Zara, Sandals from Aldo, Glasses from Kirin Kirin,  Assorted bracelets, Charm bracelets from Thomas Sabo and Pandora

photographed by Kyra Villacorta

Originally we had more sets, but we got lazy and just ended up at her house ordering food and watching movies. 


  1. Are you a real model?

  2. Hey Chloe! Great post, I love the black crop with black shoes and jean jacket look, it's very LA-esque, right now a lot of trendy girls in LA dress like that. :)

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