Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Superpowered Paint

              Early this year, I was interviewed for YMAGINE. YMAGINE is an art organization made up of high school students that originated in DLSZ. Our moderator Ms. Nikki Valenzuela is actually my art teacher since freshie year. YMAGINE is made up of 3 branches : Performing, Visual, Rhetorics. I was originally interviewed for Visual and I offered to help out in performing. Visual for Graphic Design, Painting, Illustrating, and Concept Making. Art is actually one of the tree branches bound to my roots. 
( You can find me in the third row from the front, fourth from the right ( the one with the sketchbook) . The YMAGINE core team is at the front of the picture with Ms. Nikki at the second row, first from the left.)

          The picture above was taken during our first meeting. One of the exercises that made me remember that experience is the one where we were split up into groups and introduced ourselves by expressing ideas. That showed how different this organisation really is. 

         A few months ago, I was informed about an art exhibition that we could donate our paintings to for a good cause. When I inquired about it, I found out that it was actually an art auction for a good cause. The Organization "Moving As One" helps cancer patients and this art auction was going to help fund their cause. The mechanics were simple, the painting could be any size and it could be about anything. I decided to follow the goal and painted using acrylic a portrait portraying a cancer patient having hope in an abstract manner. The painting itself took me two weeks of no sleep, endless paint in my hair, and often times paint on my face and clothes. In return, the feeling of complete satisfaction was worth it. The painting was supposed to be exhibited at my school, but when I got to the opening I found out that it was immediately moved to Asian Hospital for the main exhibition.



        I haven't heard from that organization until now when Ms. Nikki came to my classroom a few minutes ago handing me a white envelope. She was all smiles when she told me that my painting got sold. At first I couldn't reply because I was speechless but after getting over the initial shock I freaked out and started jumping and thanking her. She eventually had to leave my classroom because she had other errands. After jumping around some more, I finally remembered that the envelope was too thick to just contain a cheque. Apparently, my painting didn't just sell at it's initial auction price of 1,500 pesos but it went over to 4,000 pesos. I couldn't believe what I was reading, I was actually tearing up. of course I remembered that 50 % went to the org, 40 % went to me, and 10% went to YMAGINE. That was more than fair and it was extremely generous. 

     YMAGINE has opened up several doors for me. I got to model for prom, auction a painting, meet new people, decorate the art room (something I've always wanted to do), and be apart of a big family (artists do everything better).  Here's to living life to the fullest. 

                   Sneek Peeks of what YMAGINE related things has happened over the school year.

( From L To R Top Row: Nicka Landas, Kitty De Leon, Pat Poblete, Michelle Orbeta, Ali Solis
Bottom Row: Mika Reyes, Chloe Magpayo, Oby Pistis, Marielle Livelo )

( Mika Reyes and Chloe Magpayo backstage before the show)

From L to R : Mika Reyes, Marielle Livelo, Nicka Landas, Chloe Magpayo, Ali Solis, 
Kitty De Leon, Michelle Orbeta ) 

(Candid of Chloe Magpayo and Ali Solis)

(Hairstylists Aly Victorio and Julie Loresco with Chloe Magpayo)

(Chloe Magpayo)

(Chloe Magpayo)

(Chloe Magpayo)

(Chloe Magpayo)

(Chloe Magpayo)

(L to R : Oby Pistis, Chloe Magpayo, Nicka Landas, Kitty De Leon)

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