Saturday, March 29, 2014

Summer Starter

                   Ladies and Gentlemen, the period of time we have been anxiously awaiting for has finally arrived. The weather isn't exactly the most accommodating and we don't get to see our friends everyday, but that still beats sitting inside four closed walls staring straight ahead trying to absorb everything in a few hours.  I am now proud to cut that cliche'd ribbon opening ( wait drumroll please) to summer! 

                This summer is going to be busy. Ballet 5-6 times a week, Voice twice a week, and Magazine conceptualising everyday. That's actually going to be one of my baby projects this summer. Another baby project of mine are my paintings once the outside patio of my house is done. I'm the type of person who'd rather be outside than inside bumming. Since I'm an only child, I'm alone at home sometimes during the school year. Ballet makes me stay at home on the weekends, which prevents me from spending it at our out of town condominium with my parents. 

            On the first out of seventy-six days of summer, I spent it at a country club with a close friend. A walk to remember was on our bucket list, so we got to cross that out. Actually, I'm not going to go into detail because a woman of mystery is a woman worth knowing.

         On the second out of seventy-six days of summer, I spent the day with my parents at Greenbelt. I woke up earlier than usual so I got to shoot my outfit of the day (OOTD, also knows as).


( Floral Top from Bershka , Micro Skirt from NBC White Tent, Sneakers from Converse X Jack Purcell, Denim Jacket from Dorado (Madrid Branch), Bag from Hilly (Singapore), Headband from Claire's.) 


( Floral Top from Bershka , Micro Skirt from NBC White TentHeadband from Claire's, Necklace from Birth, Bandeau from Bench, Floral Bracelet from, A small store in a quiet street in Barcelona, Spain.)

       I've been wearing my hair in a side braid for weeks. One, because my hair is now almost Rapunzel level long. Two, because of the Manila heat. Three, because it's easy and I'm a lazy person (lazybum)


(Floral Top from Bershka , Micro Skirt from NBC White Tent, Sneakers from Converse X Jack Purcell)

(Micro Skirt from NBC White Tent, Denim Jacket from Dorado (Madrid Branch), Bag from Hilly (Singapore), Pandora Bracelet from various countries, Thomas Sabo black beaded bracelet with a heart charm from an aunt, Floral Bracelet from a small store in Barcelona, Watch from Anne Klein, Nailpolish in Mermaid Blue by Orly.)


Floral Top from Bershka , Micro Skirt from NBC White Tent, Denim Jacket from Dorado (Madrid Branch), Headband from Claire's, Bandeau from Bench.)

I recall walking home to our apartment in Madrid (where we stayed for about a week and a half) after a tiring shopping day. It was about 9 PM there and we just exited a men's shoe shop (in which my father bought Sherlock Shoes). We were about four blocks away when I saw this hole in a wall clothing store, which was probably the only bright thing on the street that winter night. I immediately spotted this beautiful denim fabric but it was too deep inside the store for me to see all the details clearly. I pulled my mom and told her I would die if I didn't get to check out something. When I reached the "beautiful denim" I thought it was too short to be a vest and when I pulled it out, I saw that it was a Denim midi Jacket. The best part that it was a perfect fit and what caught my attention the most was the skulls embellished on each of the upper pockets. The price was a little high and I was debating whether I should buy it or not but my dad told me "How often will you see this in Manila? They don't have this store and I doubt they will have anything like it anytime soon. It fits you perfectly, and I can't think of a good reason not to get it." I now am incredibly grateful I bought it because I can wear it anywhere and everywhere. 

(Floral Top from Bershka , Micro Skirt from NBC White Tent, Sneakers from Converse X Jack Purcell, Bag from Hilly (Singapore), Floral Bracelet from A small store in Barcelona, Watch from Anne Klein) 

       The day was mostly my recital outfit hunt but my dad reserved tickets to Captain America: The Winter Soldier (HELLO CHRIS EVANS). The movie in my opinion was extremely well written and directed. The fight scenes weren't too long unlike THOR or SUPERMAN. It was enough to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and let them stay there. Also the plot twist was pretty cool. Who knew Bucky was alive?? After the movie ( and the giant cheese n herbs popcorn by CHIMERA) we walked around for a bit and found ourselves at American Eagle Outfitters. I couldn't resist buying a few things especially since they were sixty percent off. All in all the second day was the start of a great summer.


  1. Okay, I hope you don't feel like I was stalking your blog...but I was looking at some of your earlier posts. You are so gorgeous and have such great style! I love your blog, you always have good pictures! Mind checking out mine? That would be the best! Thank you :) (Just to mention, I started it a week ago, so there's not much, but for you to check it out would be amazing!)

    ~ Mckenzie <3

    1. Hello Mckenzie!!
      Thanks so much sweetheart! I love how supportive you are! I've also just started blogging again huehue. I'll be sure to check it out right away! I'll even follow you :) follow back? ( I love your name by the way)


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