Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A New Kind of Educational Hell

            If you thought countless finals were enough to make a grown man cry, think again. No, think a million times again. Our school started a new system, K-P-U-P ( Killing puppies to understand people) kidding, ( Knowledge, Process, Understanding, and Performance.) This piece of poop system makes our finals two weeks into the term and the rest of the month would be project making. Sounds easy right? WRONG PEASANT (HAMPAS LUPA). The stress levels bouncing off this school is enough to tip over the universe and change it's gravitational pull. Next thing you know, you'll be seeing people walking on ceilings freaking out of dead deers jumping out of light bulbs. Not only have they increased the amount of projects per subject, but they've also made it more difficult.

           There's 2 days left of the school year and we're all having mixed feelings about it. Leaving all these memories for summer and the start of Junior Year. As well as leaving some friends who haven't been there for me. Before thinking about others and how they're taking things, first think about how you are and what you're feeling. You can't just ignore your problems for other people's problems. No matter what they mean to you, they aren't worth sacrificing your self- esteem first. Of course, you shouldn't only think about yourself. Life would be boring if it would just be you in it right? Imagine sharing a banana split alone. It wouldn't even be a banana "split", it would be a banana "whole". *heheheheheh suriii* There are definitely those reasons why I wanna stay at school. Definitely still wanna see my friends and others everyday. That summer distance feeling could be enough to make you want to fly over to New York and jump over the Empire State Building. Sepanx much?

        Another thing I'm extremely anxious about is the CCPDS Summer Scholarship results that will be posted tomorrow around noon. The audition itself was a horrible, angry monster that's been eating me up inside since Saturday.  Unlike last year, I was alone and terrified. Even though I knew some people, I didn't have a stretching buddy and screaming buddy. My mom was off in La La Land and my dad was at home. I didn't ask any of my friends to go, because that's just awkward. Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm doing half the time I'm awake. The pursuit of clarity is pretty relevant in my life right now. A common question I ask everyday is "Why". Why do people commit petty crimes? Why do people act differently? 

     I guess i'm just trying to find myself like everyone else in the world. 


(Model: Monica Sy-Quia)

(Model : Monica Sy-Quia)


  1. Hey!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog! I love yours! The photos above are really nice, you should definitely carry on posting photos like that :-)

    I am trying to follow you on GFC but I keep getting an error! I really want to follow your blog, and I am going to keep trying :)

    Happy Easter!

    beautysaveuk.blogspot.co.uk ♥

    1. Thank you so much! I don't get to do focus shoots often, but I make sure to do them at least once every other month :)


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