Thursday, September 12, 2013


                  Give me a D, a double o, an m, an... oh frick it. It's been hell week for about three weeks. Does that count as hell "week" or hell "month"? Why? 4 words for ya bud, projects and finals galore. It's that time of the term where I would hole myself up in my room and spend hours making reviewers and watching movies during my study breaks. SHH don't tell my parents I said that.
               Another term I would fondly use during this time of need is, CHEAT WEEK. I can eat anything I want while using stress as an excuse. End term examinations? More like end of my life, started last Monday and my last exam is tomorrow. HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH. I have been literally counting down the days till I could get out of this never ending love relationship between my textbooks and I. I spent hours doing graphics for my Chemistry reviewer so that I could store it in my brain but alas! the exam wasn't even about what I studied.

                   I've actually rediscovered gimp, a computer software much like Adobe Photoshop except slower and free. I have reaped the fruits from grades 6-7 computer class. Kudos to you sir Mark! 
                   I've gone off the deep end. I have not been outside this house except to school and the occasional McDonalds adventure ( Insert girl eating fries with gravy). Well I did go out last Saturday with my parents because it was their anniversary. Last year I gave them the usual "oh I forgot, runs upstairs and makes a card in 5 minutes" kind of gift. I vowed that I would make an effort this year. I still made a card but I started drawing using my iPad and the result was fantabulous and my parents loved it! Win Win situation for everyone yay.

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