Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love and Rain an unlikely pair

I'm sitting here waiting for the clouds to finish crying. It's heart breaking could be heard thundering from miles away whilst my own beating drum is found in another's. it's been raining cats and dogs since Sunday. The tears only pausing to fall down every 3 hours. Classes haven't been resumed and the 5-week long weekend is probably going to extend.
This gives us a chance to be lazy, to procrastinate, to not make an effort. The abrupt change in weather made me sick. That I'll feeling when you can't eat sweets or cover your favorite song because your throat needs to heal. Yeah that the worst. No school again tomorrow, which I'm kind of upset about because we all have out due dates on Friday and if there's no school on Thursday then we're all screwed. Anyways on a positive note I'm starting to make really cute cards!!! Hehe hope everyone's safe out there! 

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