Saturday, August 10, 2013

hipster pls.

        The hipster trend is taking the world by storm. Unlike the rest  of my age group I decided to create my own mix of hipster, gothic, sweet, and playful. Pardon me for the ugly make-up and the imperfect poses, I've been feeling blue lately.
       Taken by a windstorm, the clothes I decided to wear are an assortment of random lace, frills, color blocks and bows. As usual, the perfectionist I am, I decided to make a mood board to organize my thoughts.

     I call these clothes my "BIBDYI" (buy it but don't use it). These are the clothes I haven't worn in ages, for example my cheer long sleeves. I have not used that for a bout  two years or more. Say hello to Chloe, the retiree cheerleader. Also I'm wearing a gift my friend, Nikki gave me when she came from Japan. She understands just how much I want my own real tattoo and gave life to that dream in an innocent alternative, tights! 







     Oh the days of my seventh grade adventures. When I used to beg my dad to teach me how to edit my pictures. When I tried to re-invent myself as a human being instead of a copy machine. 

     Another one of my closet picks for today was my high waist lace skirt. It's pretty hard to wear for going out purposes because it was built for a taller body type but when I saw it I immediately knew I was going to use it in the future. 




          Actually my England-Esque bag is related to my cheer long sleeves. I bought it in celebration of my team's win. First place for the first time, we actually brought pride to our school. 
The top was a gift from my dad after he came home from a Hong Kong business trip. I was so surprised he got it because he can be quite conservative at times... 

         The last of my closet picks for today was my one and only maxi lace skirt. Paired with my see-through lacy top and a neon blue bandeu. This is one of my rather lavish skirts which I used for only one occasion, my grandmother's eightieth birthday. It's a bit long for me so I have to wear 5 inch heels, which are pretty on the outside but mind-boggingly painful on the inside. 






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