Friday, August 02, 2013

Hello There August.

January, February, March, April, May, June and July have been nothing but whirlpools of absolute rush. I've been twisting and turning in the span of the events through these 6 months before finding myself happy and at peace. Instead of the calm before the storm, it's the storm before the calm. That head rush  feeling you get after hanging upside down the monkey bars at your local children's park. Sometimes I lie awake at night making lists of what I'm going to do and how I'm going to achieve them. Although, I never follow through.

It's the seventh month into the year and I'm starting to feel different. Every month I pray that it will be good to me, which is stupid because too much of something good is bad. I've learned many secrets. All of which I will keep locked up in an old toy chest. Secrets are meant to be personal and shocking, you never expect them and you should never ask for them. 

I'm really happy how much I've learned for miss Moore's journalism class. I found an outlet for all my jumbled thoughts and crazed emotions. Writing can transport you into a new world, one of your own. A drabble here, A poem over there. A marching band of keyboard sounds screaming through the night. Deep down under those white covers with a flashlight hanging over your head. Those caffeine hunger pangs you have in the morning as well as the daily unwanted eye bags. Those are the prices of my creative outputs. 

Random Poem I just made like 0.1 milliseconds. (kidding it's more like an hour) 

So, August please have mercy on me
I want to cherish thee
As the best month of my fifteenth year of life
I wish to be productive
I wish to be alright
You never know what happens in the night. 

Happy me, Happy you
A little bit of us just won't do
I hope we don't find ourselves 
in the garden of loneliness. 
Last forever, Last for a while
Be my Sterile love affair 

Wise words from a class c person
leave my life alone I own it
pin me against your schedule
cross me out on your grocery list
Im not your toy, I'm not your freak show 
I'm your other half and you are mine. 

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