Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday, Oh Friday

Today was a milestone of some sorts. 
Today was the first day I wore my Topshop leggings again, in 3 years.
Today was the first day I let go, and remembered old secrets that come to haunt me.
Today was the first day I thought to not care.


We got our US visa pictures today. At first I was pretty excited then I remembered their golden rule, "Thou shall not smile." Smiling accents all our best features, it's what makes us look desirable. Do they want us to look ugly every time we want to travel? 

Today's outfit was inspired by last month's moodboard.
                                (pictures from tumblr)

Since it was raining cats and dogs I decided to wear something comfy and relaxing. Leggings hit the spot right on. This pair is from topshop, the land of the expensive but beautiful. I paired it with this dynamic Forever 21 Denim top, with it's crocheted back and my purple tie- dyed vans. To match the purple, I found my christmas gift from my dad, a Furla 2012 collection bag. It's suede sides give off a funky feeling. 

I have been reading different blogs lately and what I've seen is that, barrettes are in. Join the bandwagon because the fresh and hugely accepted baby pins are back. I used to have tons of these and I wouldn't wear them because they made me feel less my age and more like a toddler's. I found some age-appropriate barrettes in Accessorize. Too bad they were bought per piece. The good thing was that they were on sale! Hooray for 50 percent off days. Anyways, tomorrow I'll be posting chloe's feature article number 2, so good luck to me hehe. 

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