Sunday, August 04, 2013

Featuring: High Socks


Since this is my first "Chloe's featured item" article, I shall introduce you to one of my all time favorites. High Socks, printed, neon, stripey, or just plain white. They're a never ending trend. You see them on runways, you see them on the street, you even see them at school. 
 The hard thing is knowing where, when, and how to wear them. For instance, you never ever (EVER) clash stripey socks with a stripey shirt. It makes you look tacky, and like a jailbird. 
      Rarely do you see me wear one of my high socks because they never match what I'm wearing. Although you should have at least two pairs in your closet! :)
During winter you can wear them with ankle boots and tights or leggings paired with a turtle neck and scarf. It's too hot to wear these babies in the summer unfortunately. 

(socks from OYSHO (spain), and Marks & Spencers) 

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