Wednesday, July 24, 2013

destination : boracay

         It was my father's birthday on the fifteenth of May. We usually take the time to travel because I have summer and my dad has less shows on this month. This year we decided to go to Boracay again because we did not feel like taking a shopping trip to Hong Kong or Singapore seeing as we've just come from our December 2012 European trip. We left on the eleventh of May and we were scheduled to be back in Manila by the seventeenth.

        The last time we were in Bora was circa summer 2011. We stayed at the "Asya Premier", which was one of the most exclusive resorts at the time and still is. 



        It felt like we had our own villa in a beach themed getaway, the  bathroom was superb with luxurious smelling bath salts, there was a small bedroom adjacent to the main bed and, a big patio overlooking the award-deserving pool as well as the beach and it's horizon. As my parents were sipping wine by the poolside, I was trying to tan my pale as snow skin. Eventually after four days, I obtained the coveted "Golden Tan." During a moment of complete idiocy I decided to take a picture of my "tan" legs, draw flowers on them and post them on tumblr. To my surprise it started getting reblogs day after day after day. Even Alli Simpson reblogged it! It reached an estimated nine thousand notifications. 
         The Highlight of my trip was the wedding that we caught a glimpse of. Picture waves crashing and sand in your toes while watching two people in love unifying themselves through a ceremony. The sun was setting and the sky was purple. Everyone looked mesmerizing in their wedding gear, the only thing missing were the flowers around their necks and the beautiful hula girls dancing around the couple. It might seem predictable, I'm a closet romantic. I mask all the female bravado with mucho gusto Action movies, science fiction novels, crime television and the occasional Video Game. I'm the kind of girl who dreams of a white horse and a fairy tale love story, but I know that my chances are one in a million. 
         Unfortunately for me, during the trip I did not see nor meet any romance fiction worthy boys. I entertained myself by watching Logan Lerman, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Felton and my other boyfriends. It was a nice break from reality and I think my parents also needed to get away from Manila for a bit. All in all the trip was relaxing and wonderful.

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