Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ukes, House Music, and Coffee

         Today was my cousin's twelfth birthday. At first I wasn't that pumped because I had previous plans which I cancelled due to the birthday get together with my other fellow cousins. I was picked up when the clock struck two and was surprised by the loud and inappropriately weird and outrageous greetings from them. It was a fun 30 minute ride from my house to BHS. We listened to music, updated each other on our lives and goofed off. 

      We ate at Ihop for the first time ever. It was mouthwateringly good. I had the whole wheat waffles with blueberries! It made me feel like I was eating healthy. My cousins had a variety of food, from pancakes to hash browns. After our afternoon food trip we ventured out on our own without the parentals. At first we were walking aimlessly around the streets when an idea struck our heads, "We should have an on the spot photo shoot." Thank The Lord I thought to bring my trusted camera alongside with me today. 

One of the memorable moments that we had today was during our fully booked exploration. We found a book entitled "how to talk to girls." Of course me and Megan immediately grabbed it and started reading. I think this book is something that EVERY boy should read, although it did have some wrong points. It said that the girl should text first. It should be, "both parties should text each other so that the feelings are mutual. If you like her, talk to her." Anyways it was a feel good kind of book and we got giddy afterwards.

When we were "window shopping", we found this store called "Ever New." It was so cute! I bought a small phone case which could also be used as a wallet. I usually never get these kinds of cases but I had to make an exception. The wale case (wallet+phone) is an off white color with ruffles and bows but on the inside it's gold. There is an area for your phone, your coins or money and your credit cards or in my case polaroids or memories! Although best part was that it was on sale hehe.
We were tired after walking for two straight hours, so we headed over to Starbucks to get some coffee. As usual I got my go-to drink. The White Chocolate Mocha is by far my newest addiction. The sweetness of the white chocolate contrasts with the bitterness of the coffee and creates a perfect harmony. As we were looking out the windows at Starbucks we saw a Ukulele band setting up in the grassy area of the complex. Immediately Megan and I went outside to check it out. We found a spot under the fountains to sit down. The band didn't have a name so we dubbed it the penny board ukes, because the members who weren't performing were penny boarding. The night was so chill and relaxing and just what we needed for de-stressing from school. All in all my Saturday was not what I expected. 


(note: Some of these photos may be blurred on purpose. This is due to the fact that they are not picture of people I know and I believe that people deserve their privacy.)


"There are times when we are sure of who we are and who we want to be. I believe this time is that time."

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