Thursday, July 25, 2013

the ballet train of summer 2013

           During the first two months of my freedom, I was busy. Busy due to my Ballet intensive training program at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The resident Ballet company there is Ballet Philippines. Last March, I auditioned for a scholarship along with 80 other hopefuls. The audition process was nerve wracking and self imposing.
               My Ballet mates and I got to CCP around 10 in the morning. We crossed the road to the harbor bay (yay! for pancake house) for lunch. The Intermediate/ Advanced auditions were from 1-3, so we had a few hours to kill. Like the dedicated ballerinas we were, we went to the Main Lobby of the Theatre to stretch and relax. We weren't the only ones who thought of doing that. When we got to the ML we saw an assortment of leotards, genders, and toes. There was this gigantic group of ballerinas all in one corner already on pointes. During that time I was the only one still on flats among my Ballet Mates. The Ballerinas were all very advanced and naturally we were intimidated. By the time our teacher arrived, we were stretching in a circle. Fast forward to after the auditions, The feeling I had was slightly euphoric and majorly mind blowing. I was so scared for the results that were going to be announced after a week, I had my End Term exams during that week so I was extremely distracted.

          My mom called the school on a thursday, apparently she thought to surprise me with the results after my math exams. When she got home she immediately screamed my name, "CHLOE! YOU GOT IN, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU." I asked her who else got in from my little circle of friends. We were 8 and only M. and I got in. As I processed the information I realized I was starting to look like a puffer fish, my mouth was opening and closing because I could not comprehend how blessed I was at that moment. I just started Ballet that same year, I took a 7 year break from Ballet due to personal health reasons and everyone who auditioned were far more superior than me. Of course I immediately moved to call M. to scream the good news but to my surprise she called me first. We screamed together, haha. I heard chirping sounds coming from my phone and when I looked at it I found out that my fellow auditionees were congratulating me through twitter! S, L, D, A, B and S were all  "extremely proud of us and that they were happy we got in."  M and I were overjoyed at their sportsmanship and support, for we are all very close and we didn't want this experience to tear us apart.
               The workshop was tiring, I'll give you that. "CCP summer dance intensive workshop", underline the word intensive because we were working for about 6-7 hours a day. From 6 am to 1 pm three times a week we were dancing. During the end of the workshop I was distraught and overcome with emotions because I did not want to leave my new friends. We promised to keep in touch and that we would see each other next summer. I embodied the motto, "Eat, Sleep, Breathe Dance." Although it was tiring it was also one of the most important events of my life. The workshop really pushed me to do my best at all times. I learned a lot that summer. I learned that the only opinion about yourself that you should care about is your own. Don't look at things as a problem but as a challenge instead. My whole personality changed, I grew up, I had to. I also brushed up on my Filipino speaking skills because I sound like an American whenever I try to speak my native language unfortunately.
Even though I was dancing almost everyday I still made time for my friends and for myself. I went out to the mall with them at least once every two weeks. My mom said that it was good to socialize with my friends so that we don't lose contact and drift apart. It's different to talk to someone in person versus talking to someone through text or skype or call.
              Jeyms and I had several photo shoots during that summer. The only thing that sucked was it was only in one location, a country club. Although we did explore the places in the club that no one went to, it still had that inside the box feel. We did get some good dark themed photographs though...






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