Sunday, July 28, 2013

Four eyed wonder


         Yep you've heard it, I'm officially part of the cool kids. *cue camp rock we rock music video*. I think I should blame blogger for basically ruining my eyes,but the good thing is that it's only reading glasses! My right eye's grade is 75 with  75 for astigmatism and my left eye has a grade of 25 with 50 for astigmatism. 

Fortunately for me I got the cutest pair! I'm forever in love with Kate Spade and when we got to the store I found a pair I really liked. The colors are vibrant beams of sunshine, purple and pink. The effect they have on my appearance is startlingly not noticeable. Phew thank The Lord! I tried on several other pairs which were apparently "too big for my face." Or so my dad said. Ferregamo was on sale and unfortunately for me none of the styles were appropriate for my face and age. 
i think the hardest decision to make is picking which one you buy. The glasses are going to be on your face a lot and it's not like you can buy 100 pairs.  The sucky part is that there are a lot of different choices out there and you kind off want more than one. I'm just glad my parents were there to help me choose what to pick. 


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