Saturday, October 18, 2014

Back From The Dead

    I guess apologies are in order for my 5 month break. I've just been going through a lot of things recently. The most pressing concern are my college prep and tours abroad. Since I'm not studying here, I need to do a lot more work compared to others. I need to research, learn languages, SAT prep, internships, and lessons here and there and everywhere.

     The last time I blogged was about my upcoming (then) trip to El Nido. Needless to say, it was one of the best experiences of my (young) life. The breakfast buffet was amazing, it actually changed my view on breakfast BUFFETS.   I got the take a lake tour and everything! Unfortunately for me no one there was my age.. Anywaays here are some of my favourite shots from last summer.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May Haul

             Somebody call the finance police, because I've been struck with a serious case of the Shoppaholic's fever. I've been hounding down Instagram shops since April and I've just finished receiving all my parcels now. It's such a rush to find something at a lower price online, especially if it's your size. Other than that, I've also been going to the malls quite a few times this month alone, and I rarely come home empty handed. This is beginning to be such an unhealthy habit. Although, I do have to pat myself on the back for acquiring such steals. A lot of these stores are like online thrift stores, (we don't really have the nicest thrift shops in Manila.)


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Born Pretty

       A common hobby of mine is to browse online shops. There isn't much versatility (store-wise) here, in the Philippines. Since I've been blog-hopping lately, I've noticed a lot of the bloggers mentioning this particular brand. Born Pretty is an online women's fashion shop that ships worldwide FOR FREE. Most brands I know have incredible overseas shipping prices, what amazes me is that this brand doesn't cost a single cent. What seals the deal are the prices of their items! They range from $0.99 to $50 and all of their items are of high-quality and are incredibly adorable. Their store's style is kind off a Japanese-Malibu Barbie x Tumblr Chic.

     I've been contacting someone from Born Pretty and guess what my lovely readers! I have a special treat for you. You all get the chance to have 10% percent off on your purchases! The discount only works if you use it on non-sale products but that's okay, there are loads of cool items to shake your wardrobe up! To avail of the discount, use the promo code below! :)

Each promo code is unique and every time someone enters my promo code, it will be counted and noted down. The link leads you to the Jewellery and Accessories page where you can browse their really cute collections. I still can't get over the free shipping aspect. 

I've been browsing their store since this morning and I officially have a lust-wishlist. I'm incredibly in love with these pieces and I really want to buy them. I might buy a piece or two though.. *sigh* confessions of a shopaholic alert.  

Top 6 Picks

Two colours : Gold and Silver
Price: $0.99 (what a steal that's about 45 pesos) 

1 design
$11.33 / 509.85 pesos (that would have been easily 2,000 pesos here)
I totally heart the cut of this skirt and the colour + print is just absolutely amazeballs. 
Extremely lusting over this piece

6 Colours to choose from
Ankle Length
$1.99 each / 89 pesos each
aren't these panda socks j'adorable. I want a million pairs of these. 

two colours to choose from
$13.99 each / 629 pesos a pair. (Normal bikini price range here)
Tres Chic! I totally heart the pink-orange design. 


1 design
$12.58 / 566 pesos
I love how this turns a traditional jean polo into something so much classier (and sexier)
It's a little twist to the classic age. 
Seriously considering buying this... Should I Splurge? 

2 colours : Gold and Silver
$ 0.99 each/ 44 Pesos
I absolutely love how classy this looks and for that price! Such a steal. Really admire how BornPretty has the best jewellery. 
I honestly prefer the silver ring to the gold because it's less flashy and it would match all my charm bracelets. 

What did you guys think? Head on over to their shop for more of their amazeballz goodies and trinkets. (THEY HAVE HAIRCHALK BLESS THEIR SOULS). Hope you guys use the promo code!! I'd really appreciate it :)